There are many choices that you have when it comes to a kitchen remodel. One of the choices that you make when redoing your kitchen is whether you want to upgrade your sink. Some of the choices you have to make include what material to use for your sink, what color you would like, how many basins you choose, and your faucet choice. In this article, we will discuss some kitchen sink types.

Corner Sink

One of the options that you can utilize is the corner sink. There are several variations of this sink that you can design. The first is the single basin that is in the corner. This can be a rounded basin that starts from the corner (shaped like a baseball field) or is a round, rectangle, or square sink that is set back from the corner. Another type of corner sink involves two basins that can either be touching (on each side of the corner), have just the tips touching (two connected diamonds), or they can be completely separate sinks with one on each side of the corner. You can determine what you would be using the sink for to determine the placement and number of basins.

Multiple Basin

Another option you can have for the sink is to have a double basin sink. Most double basin sinks have a divider that separates each side. This divider can start at the top of the sink, making each completely separate, or you can use a low divider that stops before the top of the sink. This allows each side to be separate without having completely different sink areas. You can also choose to have a triple basin sink. This can have a larger basin on each side and a smaller basin in the middle.

Integrated Sink

You could choose a material that encompasses the counter and the sink. For an integrated sink, it is just that, all the same material as the counter. This way there is a seamless transition between the sink and the counter. The sink can be customizable as well because it can be cut to your specifications. Due to the material being the same and the lack of seams, cleaning the sink is easier as well. You will not have the ridges or edges to catch dirt. One thing to consider before this type of purchase is that it will be all one unit. So, you cannot just change the sink out if you want to.