One of the luxuries that is desired with remodels is a spa-like bathroom. You want to create that peaceful area where you can go to forget the stresses of your day. A remodel idea to consider, space permitting, is to add a touch of the outdoors to your bathroom by creating an outdoor bathroom. This is not to say that outdoor elements should be brought in, but instead take part of your bathroom outdoors. Look around your space to determine if you can maintain privacy, or can create a private area, and consider taking the tub or the shower area outdoors.

Privacy can be accomplished through the use of fences, canopies, high walls, vegetation, draping, and so much more. These areas can be extensions of the master bedroom or any bathroom area where space permits. Access ideas can be just having an open area or allowing for sliding glass door access. Having a glass enclosed area with screening will allow for light and fresh air to enter while keeping insects out.

In the outside area, you can place a shower, a free standing tub, or combine both to allow for soaking and showering. You can have a hot tub, a lounging area, or anything that space permits. Space and the ability to maintain privacy are important to your planning. Consider the accent elements you would need to relax in your space. Having a tub or shower outdoors would mean that you would want a place to hang towels, keep robes, and have easy access to soaps and soaks. Having a non-slip surface would be essential, and have the ability to allow for shelter from the elements when needed.

While most people imagine a peaceful, serene day while they are soaking in their outdoor tub, it is important to consider when things are not peaceful as well. On a particularly windy day, it would be good to be able to ensure that the wind is not felt while you are showering or soaking in the tub. Additionally, on stormy days, outside showers and tubs would be best if they had some type of roofing. You could consider putting up items on an as needed basis or you could consider these days when planning the area so that you could enjoy the outdoor fixtures no matter the weather.

There are many options available when considering an outdoor bathroom. The most important thing is to plan your area and consider the things that could happen that would hamper your enjoyment. Then plan a solution for them.