When a remodel is finished it is great to sit back and look at what you’ve created. The remodeled areas are fresh and new; everything is clean. What is important at this stage is to maintain the remodel as long as possible to keep the fresh and new look. This can be done by understanding how to maintain the material that was used for the remodel.


Various types of stone material can look great for years if proper care is maintained. Natural stone requires a sealer to be applied and then reapplied on a regular basis. Man-made stone is formulated to not require the need for a sealer. The exact type of stone and also how the stone is used will determine how often the sealer needs to be applied. Countertops will require a different sealer schedule than stone flooring.  Using the proper cleaning agents will also help preserve the stone material. Harsh chemicals or ones that have abrasive qualities can scratch the surface and reduce the effectiveness of the sealer. Some stone material will only require a cotton cloth or a mild soap and water mixture for daily care. Water spills need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, and stains need to be addressed according to the specific stone material.


Wood can give a warm look to a room. Maintenance for wood is fairly simple, there are just a few important things to keep in mind. Daily maintenance usually requires a dust cloth run over the surface. On a weekly basis you can use a vacuum on the bare floor setting. This can help to remove dust or lint from between the slats. When cleaning is done, using a professional cleaner specified for wood is best. It is not recommended to wax the wood floor too much because it will give the finish of the floor a dull look and could make it unnecessarily slippery. Wood needs to be treated on occasion and will need to be sanded and refinished every couple years. One important thing to keep in mind is that water is not wood’s friend. Regularly steam mopping or wet mopping can actually accelerate damage to the floor and dull it. To reduce the incidence of scratches to the floor you should put felt protectors under the legs of the furniture and lift to move items instead of scooting/pushing them across the floor.

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