One of the many choices you have for kitchen design is determining how you would like your countertops and cabinets to look. You can choose to match the design look for your counters and cabinets, or you can use a complimentary design that can work to bring the room together. A choice to consider is to have a matte design finish on either the counters, cabinets or both. Read on for some considerations for choosing a matte finish.

Forgiving Finish

One of the benefits of the matte finish design is that it is forgiving. The finish will not show scratches, stains, or smudges as easily. This can be helpful in a house full of little ones. Because the surface is not shiny, it does not draw the eye as easily so imperfections can be masked. This type of finish can work best in a room that gets full sun.


The matte finish can allow a contrast for other objects in the room that are shiny. This will establish a creative depth to the room. This type of finish can bring together a larger open space that utilizes different design finishes. Matte finishes have been viewed as making the room feel or look luxurious.  While the matte finish will work in a larger room, it will not have the same effect on a small space. It can make a small space seem smaller due to the light absorption effect.


Whether having natural light shine into your kitchen or having a large lighting display, matte finishes do well to reduce the glare in your space. The light is diffused over the surfaces instead of reflected onto you which can create a more pleasant experience in the kitchen. You can have a mix of matte and shiny pieces in the space to create the perfect ambiance for entertaining or just sitting down for a family meal.


While the matte finish will mask the small imperfections that would show easily on a shiny surface, the finish will still get dirty. In the kitchen, grease and cooking stains could show up more prominently on a matte surface. Additionally, this finish might be harder to clean the stains from it. The stains could look like they are being absorbed into the cabinets. It will be important to keep an eye on dirt and debris that collect on the surfaces and clean them up promptly.