When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, one change you can make is to create more places to store things. Yes, you have closets, drawers, and shelves to place things on, but if you look a little harder and expand your mind a bit, you can realize that there is more storage available. Creating more storage space will allow you to organize your things better and possibly make them more accessible when you need them. Additionally, if you have a smaller space, then these storage ideas can help maximize the space you have available.

Kitchen Ideas

In the kitchen, you can get storage ideas from looking up. The ceiling space over the kitchen island can be used to hang pots, pans and lids that are frequently used. Instead of having them thrown haphazardly into the cupboard, where it takes you ten minutes to find the lid that matches the pan you pulled out, you can simply reach up and grab the matching pan and lid. This can be above the kitchen island, above the stove, or any place that is convenient where the pots and pans can hang safely without catching the grease or anything else from cooking.

Another space that can be utilized is the cupboard doors. Various metal holders can be added to the doors to hold frequently needed items, such as saran wrap and foil. Pull-out metal holders can be placed in the cupboards to organize Tupperware items. As with the pans, how much time is spent looking for the lid that fits on the container you’ve pulled out. Easier to find items can mean less time in the kitchen and more time out having fun.

The wall can be utilized for storage as well. A pegboard mounted on the well can hold pots, pans and frequently used utensils. The size of the pegboard can be cut to your needs, and the storage space is open to however you need to use it. It could be filled with just utensils, or you could group certain cooking items together. An example would be a pan, colander and spaghetti spoon for Italian night.

Bathroom Ideas

The same principles pertain to the bathroom too. You can use the side of the cupboard (between the toilet and the cupboard) to hold your toilet paper or hang a magazine rack. The placement is in a space that is normally open and leaves the flooring area open for other items. A holder can be put in place on the cupboard door under the sink to hold a curling iron, electric razor, or hair dryer. This makes the item easier to find and use, especially for those mornings where the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet. Additionally, the cord can be secured to preserve the use of the item.

Wicker baskets can be stacked on top of each other to create a tower-like area for storage. Shelving and/or hooks can be added to the wall to store extra guest towels and amenities. The options are almost limitless when you open your mind to utilizing any and all open space.

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