Consider your behavior when you visit a public restroom. Do you avoid touching the handle to the toilet? Do you appreciate the number of hands-free options you have, such as water automatically turning on when you place your hands under the faucet? Or the automatic soap dispenser. Do you like when someone is walking out of the bathroom as you are walking in so that you can avoid touching the door handle? The modern toilets that are available today mean that you can have the same comfort and ease of the touchless commode in your own home.  

Sensor Technology 

Most of the touchless commodes work off of sensor technology. When a hand is waved over a sensor, it can cause the toilet to produce a function, such as flush.  These sensors might be able to be adjusted for sensitivity so that every time someone walks past the commode, it doesn’t flush. This will depend on the make and model chosen, along with the placement of the sensors.  

Hygiene Factor 

A draw for homeowners to look at the touchless toilet is the hygiene factor that this affords. Families with children appreciate the fact that the kids can use the bathroom and come in contact with fewer germs in general. The whole family will come in contact with fewer germs in general which can reduce the amount of colds and flu present in the house. Additionally, if the commode has extra features, such as a bidet function, this will add to the increased cleanliness factor.  


The cost of the touchless commode will be higher than a standard toilet. The price factor will include the size, material, and functionality of the commode that is chosen. The price could become thousands of dollars. When considering this, it is important to determine the budgeted amount available for the project and price compare wants/needs and functional capabilities against the amount available to spend. The commode chosen should be something you are comfortable with, not something that causes anxiety. The maintenance cost of the commode should be a factor as well. How easily could a standard toilet be fixed vs. a touchless option?  

A touchless commode is an emerging choice when considering changes to the bathroom. By discussing the functionality, price point, size, and placement of the commode, you can purchase and install exactly what you are looking for in a commode. By understanding the maintenance required to maintain your commode you can go into your purchase with your eyes open.