While we have laid out some of the best practices you can use for choosing remodeling contractors Cleveland Ohio in the past, as anyone who’s worked extensively with contractors, it’s always more complicated than you think it will be. Of course, there are those lucky soles who blindly hire a contractor without checking references who end up having a project go perfectly, but these people are basically the exception that prove the rule.

As more and more homeowners are choosing to go the route of remodeling rather than move to a new home, there are also more opportunities than ever before for people to hire the wrong contractor. And some contractors are speaking out about the need for research and planning when hiring a contractor. As Mario Barbutto, a general contractor of 25 years says, “People shop for cars more carefully than contractors.”

One common mistake that people often make is not being fully clear on who or how many workers they are hiring. After all, according to David M. Dillon, a general contractor based in Dallas, you usually don’t need a general contractor for most jobs as any competent person can generally oversee construction.

However, if you are attempting a large remodeling project that involves multiple subcontractors, then you might save a lot of time and avoid a serious headache by hiring a competent general contractor to run your project. When finding one, word of mouth or asking around is always a good idea, but so is calling your local government’s public works and building departments.

Another pearl of wisdom that might seem obvious but is a commonly made mistake is hiring a friend. Never hire a friend as that makes confronting him or her about any issues all the more difficult.

Also, when vetting the work of a contractor, ask for samples of their work, but not just recent examples. Instead, ask to see work from six or seven years ago to see how it’s held up.

Finally, one parting piece advice that is another common mistake: never go on vacation while the project in underway. Even if you trust the builders and contractors, it’s better to be quickly available if anything happens.

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