When you are remodeling or making over your bathroom, you have choices to make when it comes to how you would like it laid out and what fixtures you would like to put in place. Bathrooms have become more of a focal point for families, as people have been spending more time at home. Even when people begin to travel and go back to the office, the bathroom then becomes a place to relax and unwind after a long day. If you are considering placing a shower in your bathroom, then you will need to decide if it will have a door, and what kind of door you prefer. Here are some glass shower door ideas.

Framed Shower Door

When you install a shower door, you have options for how it will enclose your shower. One such option is a framed shower door. This means that the door will sit within a metal frame that goes around all the edges of the door. If you choose this type of door for your shower, there is less of a chance that water will get out. This is because there is an edge around the door for the water to hit before it would run out of the shower onto the bathroom floor.

Another benefit of a frame is that is provides more stability for the door. This can lessen the chance for a door shattering if it is bumped or something falls against it. Because you are placing a frame in the shower, it is easier to install as well.

Frameless Shower Door

On the opposite spectrum is a frameless shower door. As the name suggests, there is no frame around the doors. The doors are made of tempered glass and can be easier to maintain/clean because there are no crevices or tracks for soap scum and debris to get caught in. This type of shower door can be harder to install, and due to not having the stability of a frame, can be easier to crack/splinter. Additionally, these types of doors will have a higher cost.

Having a glass shower door with no frame can make your smaller bathroom feel larger because your eye line will see through the shower to the wall behind it. Adding mirrors to a smaller bathroom can also help make it look larger.

Semi-Frameless Door

A middle ground door is a semi-frameless shower door. This type of door can have framing around some of the shower, but not all of it. This could be seen if the shower has a frame around the opening part of the shower, but no frame on the door panels.

When choosing a shower door, you need to take into account the dimensions of your shower and bathroom as a whole. You might want a frameless shower door but realize you need to have a different type of wall to be able to anchor the door for safe use.