Have you found that you need more space for dining in your home? You may have a kitchen island but notice that not everyone seems to fit there. Plus, with more people working from home and homeschooling, more space is needed to get work done. What are some options that you have to create more space? There are a number of different ways that you can extend your kitchen island. Here are a few of them.


One way to add more space to your kitchen island is to extend the countertop over the end. How far you can extend it is between 12 inches to 15 inches. That is the average overhang length. This will not add storage space but will increase the work/eating space. Obviously, if you need more storage space, then you can look into a larger island. Another consideration is if your island has a cooktop or sink to it. You might need to look into adjusting the connections for those if they are affected when the countertop gets lengthened.


Another way to add length to your kitchen island is to add a table at the end of the island. This table can but be pushed up to the end of the island or it can be fastened to the island if it is a more permanent structure. This will allow the original island to remain unchanged and add more usable space. The table can either be the height of the island if you would like a seamless transition, or the table can be a little lower to create a separate work or eating space. This will depend on your preference and available space.


Another option for more dining space is to have a retractable counter that can go into and come out of your kitchen island. This way you have the extra countertop when you need it and the extra space when you don’t. Again, you will need to consider any cooktops or sinks when considering this option, along with how far the countertop will retract. A way to forgo this is to have a foldable countertop section. As with the retractable, you open it up when you need it and then fold it down when you don’t. This option could come with a stabilizing leg or chains for support. You can decide how much extra counter space you will need and how much room you have when the countertop is fully extended.