How nice would it be to be cooking in the kitchen or working at the table and keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard? You would be able to know if someone needed help and you could work on making dinner at the same time. Having a window in the kitchen has many benefits. You just need to decide what type of window works best in your space. Here are some options for kitchen windows.  

Bay Window 

These types of windows traditionally stick out from the house from one of the main walls. There are many uses for a bay window. A great perk of the bay window is that it lets in more natural sunlight to the room. You can set one of these up as a breakfast nook in the kitchen, or if it is big enough, as the main dining area. You can put a small bay window in over the kitchen sink and grow an herb garden as well. 


You can let more light in from above by adding a skylight to your kitchen. The light from the ceiling area with allow more general light for your kitchen because it will be able to spread over a wider area. Having more natural light on you could also be a health benefit and stress reducer. If you install a ventilation skylight, you can also reduce your energy costs. As you know heat rises, with the ventilation skylight, you can take the heat out of the house and create a cooling effect for the kitchen. This could be an amazing benefit when there is a great deal of cooking done.  

Casement Windows 

Casement windows are windows that are hinged on the sides and open from the middle out. They can open through the use of a crank and are able to be locked. These windows are usually taller than wider. Since these windows are flush with the wall when closed, they can let some sunlight in, but they might actually let more in when they are open. This would be due to the sun reflecting off of the open windows. This could be a good thing or bad depending upon what temperature you like the house. These types of windows could be affected by high winds if they are open. So, if there is any type of strong winds predicted, just make sure these windows are closed until it passes.