So, you’ve been considering updating the sinks in your place. Congratulations. Do you know what type of sink you are looking for? Do you have an idea in mind of what you want the result to look like? If you are still in the planning stage of determining what sink you would like to install, here are some ideas regarding having an undermount or overmount sink in your space.

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink sounds like it says. It is mounted under the counter. So, instead of being dropped in, it is instead brought up from below. What are some design options for an undermount sink?  You can create the type of opening you desire for the sink. Meaning, you can have the counter stop before the sink begins, creating a ledge between the sink and counter. You can also have the counter overhang the sink a little. You could do this to cut down on crumbs that could get stuck on the ledge. Additionally, you could have the counter and sink’s edges lined up so when the counter stops, the sink just begins.

Having an undermount sink creates more counter space, so you can have more items within easy reach to start your day or get dinner cooking. An undermount sink is easier to clean because you don’t have a lip to contend with between the sink and counter. There might be some issue with the counter overhang of the sink if there is a space created where items can accumulate, or if the counter stops a little before the sink starts. Your sink can have a deeper basin to handle larger pots as well.  So, you can fill your spaghetti pot easier.

This type of sink can be more expensive and depending upon how rough you are with the pots and pans; you could end up chipping the overhang on the sink, if you aren’t careful.

Overmount Sink

This type of sink is called the overmount or drop-in sink. This is because the sink is installed over the counter. There are many choices for this type of sink, and it is easier to install. This also makes the sink a less expensive choice. One thing to keep in mind, as stated above, is that there is a lip created between the sink and the counter. This can mean that crumbs and other debris can collect on the lip and need a deeper cleaning to remove. Because the sink is dropped into the counter, there is no real smooth transition from counter to sink area. It is important when sliding a heavy pot across the counter that you will need to lift a little to clear the lip, so the contents of the pot do not spill.