When most people think of painting a room, they consider what color to use either over the whole thing or which wall to paint what color. You can have the whole room be white, or you can choose to have three walls be white, and one wall is dark blue. When you let your mind go though, you can also consider painting a pattern into one or all of the walls as well. This can require several different colors of paint if you are adventurous. What types of painting patterns can you use?


Here is a pattern that can use two more colors for the wall. The big issues are to make sure the zig-zags are even and not to drip paint onto another part of the pattern. Painting tape can be useful here along with patience. Making sure that each area is dry first or at least protected well before the next area is painted. This pattern can be one line across the room, near the top, near the bottom or in the middle. Or you can choose the cover the whole wall in a zig-zag pattern.  Then you can determine if it would be too much to paint the whole room that way or to just use an accent wall to show off your painting skills.


This is another pattern that can be one line or the whole wall. Because it is horizontal, you need to make sure you don’t drip paint onto other sections, or at least make sure the paint that is dripped can be covered with a quick touch up. Make sure the lines are straight and even and think about beginning with the lighter choice first.  The darker shade will cover any drips that occur. This will not be so easy when you put the darker shade on so painter’s tape and being careful will reduce the risk of getting the darker shade on the lighter part.


These are easier to paint because you have less of a chance of dripping (except for dripping on the flooring material). Painter’s tape can be used to mark off the sections and creating a clean line between colors is essential. Care will need to be taken at the top and bottom of the wall to make sure you don’t get paint on the floor or ceiling.


These are fun and require extra care because they can be placed randomly around the walls. There can be many or few, and painter’s tape will be important to create the diamond or block pattern that you wish.  It is good here to sketch these out on the wall before you start painting to ensure that the finished look is what you desire. You can create an even space between or bunch a few around the walls. The important point is to make sure you end up with the look you were going for.