An iconic selection every year is the Pantone Color of the Year. The color that is chosen is influential on designers across a wide spectrum of industries. This year’s selection is Living Coral. Living coral can be described as a pinkish/reddish orange. Pantone has been choosing an authoritative color for the past 20 years. Pantone’s color experts draw from every aspect of life to determine what prevalent tones will take center stage for the upcoming year. How can you incorporate Living Coral in your redesign? Here are some ideas.

Large Areas

When thinking of Living Coral in a broader perspective, you can use it as the color for your walls or to design a room using the color, as an example, the main furniture pieces. You can also choose a statement piece in Living Coral. This will draw a person’s attention to the color when they enter the room. Statement pieces could be large photos, appliances, large pillows, or a large wall. Instead of having all the appliances in the same color, the main focal appliance could be in Living Coral with the other appliances a complimentary color.

Accent Pieces

Another way to use the color is to choose accent pieces in the color, as an example, lamp shades. The main focus can be a complimentary color with Living Coral pieces placed around the room. Another accent for the room could be a small rug or possibly one smaller wall in that color. This allows the eye to see the color without it being the focus of the room. You can choose one piece or have several smaller pieces in the room in Living Coral.

Shades of Color

Still another option is to use different shades of the pinkish/reddish orange hue around your room to create an overall color scheme for the room. This would blend the colors around the room so that no one color would take center stage. Living Coral would be used and blended in with other colors.

These are some of the ways that Pantone’s Color of the Year Living Coral can be incorporated into your remodel design. The options could be endless. You can speak with designers and home centers to see if they have that color in stock in the way you would like to use it. You can also check on the Internet to see where the color is making a big splash.