For some people, their pets are their life. For most people, their pets are members of their family. When you are designing a kitchen remodel, you can add elements to it that take your pets into account. These elements can take into account whether you have one pet or several. Some of these additions will make life easier for you and others will increase the comfort of your pet. Here are some pet friendly options.


Instead of having your pet’s water and food bowls out where people could trip over them or have them spill, you have several options for slide/pull-out storage. You can have the water and food bowl be the bottom drawer of a cabinet. When your pets are eating, the drawer can be out, and when they are finished, the drawer can be pushed in flush with the rest of the cabinet. Additionally, you can install a feeding station that is separate from the rest of the cabinetry that is off the ground but accessible all day. You can have a push/pull drawer, a tip-out tray, or a feeding shelf. The choice will depend on the size of the pet, their eating habits, and your available space.


If you have active pets in your home, it is best to consider laminate flooring for the kitchen. Laminate flooring can resist scratching and stains and be easy to clean. One thing to consider with your pets, though, is the level of sliding/slipping that your pets can do depending upon the laminate that you choose. A way to help with this is to put down area rugs or runners. This has a dual purpose of preventing your dogs from slipping across the floor, and also giving your dogs a warmer place to sit on chilly mornings.


One thing to consider, especially if your pets are little daredevils, is to check the edges around your kitchen to make sure they aren’t sharp. Sometimes when your pets are running around, they are not paying attention to where they are going. There are several protections that you can put into place. There are many safeguards that are for children that work equally well for pets. There are corner guards, child locks, door knob safety covers, stove knob covers, and other safety measures that you can use to keep your pets safe. One thing to keep in mind is if your pet jumps on the counter, you want to make sure they cannot get into the food or harm themselves on the hot burners.

Incorporating any of these options can create a happier environment for you and your pets.