A new coat of paint can liven up your space. It is a relatively inexpensive way to refresh your rooms. If you are considering a new coat of paint or switching from another material to paint, there are a few areas to review before you begin picking paint.

Overall Look

When you are thinking about changing the paint or switching to paint, you want to review the surrounding rooms to make sure each room complements the other. All the rooms do not need to be the same color, but the look as you walk from room to room should flow. You can review color wheels at paint stores, check out color swatches at design centers, or look through design magazines to see what colors others have paired together. You can also check to see what new colors have been discovered, and the subtle differences between colors that have similar names.

Size Considerations

Colors can affect the look of the entire room. You want to understand how certain colors trick the eye into making a room appear smaller or larger. The colors can work with the décor, furniture, appliances, and other factors when affecting the way the room looks. Brighter colors (light shades of blues, greens, and whites) can make a space appear more spacious. Darker colors can make a room smaller depending upon how they are paired. In a room, if the trim and wall color are the same, the eye will not pause as they move around the room. If the trim and wall are different colors, then the eye will pause and trick the mind into thinking the space is smaller.

Lighting Options Considered

Whether your room has natural or artificial light is also a factor in the color of the wall that you choose. Additionally, the amount and placement of lighting are important. If you choose paints that absorb light rather than reflect it, you will need to make sure there is enough light in your space throughout the entire day. It is best to review lighting needs during every hour of the day to see how your lighting needs change as the hours pass. Darker paint colors absorb the light more than lighter colors, so this will need to be considered when reviewing lighting and paint colors.

Trying out paint swatches and determining the lighting you will use will help you in picking paint colors for your space to liven it up.