The bathroom in the home is a place where a lot of activity happens. There are showers and baths, getting ready for the day, getting ready to go to bed, and just relaxing and pampering yourself that can happen. Whether you are younger or older, bathroom safety is always on your mind. If you have children, you want to make sure that there are no-slip and falls in the tub or shower. If you have an older parent, you want to make sure that they can move around the bathroom easily. One way to help is to install grab bars in the bathroom to give everyone a chance to steady themselves while they are in there. Here are some places where grab bars might help.


Placing grab bars in the shower can allow someone to steady themselves while they are washing. There have been a number of people who’ve started washing their face and gotten dizzy with their eyes closed. The grab bar makes it easy to get your bearings and understand which way you are facing. Additionally, the grab bar can be used to steady yourself if something needs to be picked up off the floor of the shower as well. Sometimes the steam and heat from the shower can make someone lightheaded.


A grab bar for the tub area can be used to hold on to while you stand up. The tub bottom can be slippery from soap or water. The grab bar and non-slip material in the tub can make leaving the tub safer. It’s important to note that the grab bar for the tub or shower will need to be at a certain height depending on the use. Obviously, someone sitting in the tub will need a lower bar than someone standing in the shower. A tub bar might be straight, while a shower bar might be diagonal. A diagonal bar in the shower can accommodate people of varying heights.


Another place to consider having a grab bar is next to the commode. This can be used to help a person lift off of the seat. Some might need a bar close to the sink or along the wall of the bathroom as well. It can be used to steady someone or a place to catch themselves if they trip over something on the floor. The bar’s main function, no matter where it’s placed, is to increase safety and confidence in the bathroom. Reviewing family needs (number, age, and use) can help you determine how many and what type of bars are required in your home.