There many choices to be made when you are remodeling, such as colors, patterns, appliances, etc. This can be a fun time picking out how your new room will look. One consideration to be made is the security of your home during the remodel. There will be people coming and going from your home, most likely more than normal. If you have neighbors and people in the area, they will see this too! You want to make sure that your remodel goes as smoothly as possible with the least amount of issues. One way to protect your home during a remodel is to review your security measure for your home and discuss this with the contractors doing the remodel.  Here are some tips.

Monitor Access

You want to make sure that everyone coming and going from your home is working on the remodel. One way to do this is to discuss with the contractors how they will be recognized as workers for the project. It is best to get to know as many people as possible who will be doing the work so you can spot an unfamiliar face. If you are away from your home during this time, then you can discuss with the contractors how the home will remain secure during the remodel.

Clean Up

One way to make your home less inviting to burglars is to make sure that all of the remodeler’s tools are picked up and put out of site when work is not being done. There is nothing more inviting to a burglar than seeing all the nice shiny tools sitting out ready for the taking.  Another consideration, especially if you are doing a large remodel, is to move all of your valuables to another location until the work is completed.

Light up Work Area

When work is completed for the day, lighting up the area that is being worked on can be a great deterrent. Neighbors would be able to see someone moving through the area, and it would be harder to hide in a well-lit work zone.  The lights would need to be placed in such a way that the area that is being worked on is lit with the least amount of intrusion on the neighbors and the neighborhood.

Alert Alarm Company

Since you will have more activity at your house, it will be important to let your security company know. This way they will understand why there is more activity at your house, and if you let them know the hours the work will be done, then they can monitor activity more closely outside of this zone. Additionally, you can protect your home by alerting your local police as well, along with close neighbors. This way you can have extra eyes on your house, and there will be less of a chance of a false call.