When you are purchasing a new refrigerator, you have a number of options available. You can choose the material and color, and you can also choose how you would like your doors to be attached and the food stored. Here are some options when it comes to purchasing a refrigerator.

French Door

A French door-style refrigerator has two doors on the top that opens from the center of the appliance. There is a freezer drawer on the bottom of the appliance. The shelves are adjustable to a certain extent, and you have the ability to reach the fresh items easily. The freezer area will be smaller than the refrigerator area, but each area will be wider than other door options. When the doors are opened, they will take up less space because they open from the middle instead of having the entire door open from the side.

Freezer Top/Bottom

Another option for your doors is to have a solid door for the refrigerator and one for the freezer. This means that it will be doors that open from the side and not in the middle. These choices allow for the freezer to either be at the top or bottom of the appliance. You can choose which works best for the flow of your kitchen to determine where your freezer should be. These types of appliances also have adjustable shelves. When the door opens from the side instead of the middle, the door will take up more space when it opens. This will be important to keep in mind if you need to watch how much space is taken up by your appliances.


A different option for your refrigerator is to have a side-by-side appliance. This means that one side will be the refrigerator and the other side will be the freezer. The doors will not take up as much space when open, and both your frozen items and fresh items can be easier to reach. Like the other options, shelves can be adjusted and there will be more space available for frozen and fresh items.

When you consider choices for purchasing your appliance, you can review your current kitchen to see if you need to buy a different type of refrigerator then you currently have. Another plus, no matter what type of refrigerator you purchase, is that products at the stores have considered limitations as well and have redesigned some products to fit easier in the door of the refrigerator.