Sometimes you just feel like you’ve looked at the same bathroom for too long! The look seems tired and boring. When you want to change up the look for your tired bathroom, there are some simple fixes that you can do that can have a dramatic effect. Here are some options:


You can add plants to your décor. Options include smaller plants on the counters or if your space allows, floor plants to give an exotic look to your surroundings. Another option would be to hang plants from the ceiling or having shelving or holders on the wall. It is important that you choose plants that will work best in a humid environment and have proper drainage.


A surprisingly simple way to rejuvenate a room is to add or change the mirror. You could go from one large mirror to several small mirrors or just the opposite. Mirrors placed around the room can make the space appear to be larger. Mirrors come in many different shapes and colors. You could choose to make a new mirror the focal point of the room.


Another simple way to update your space is to change out the linens in the room. If you have solid colored towels, switch to patterned. Maybe you have pastel colors. Change to bold. You can choose new bathmats as well. You can coordinate the bathmats with the new towels and maybe a shower curtain as well.

Update Storage

One way to create more space in your bathroom is to look at your current storage capabilities. If your items do not really have a place, this could add to your tired look. You could choose to add shelves to the wall. You could repurpose a small bookcase if you have the room to allow for storage of your smaller items, such as make-up brushes, combs, hairdryer. If you are using them frequently, you could add some hooks to the side of the bookcase to give yourself easy access.

New Area Rugs or Carpet Bathroom

A new look for your tired bathroom could be to add carpeting. Instead of bathmats, you could put in area rugs or just carpet your entire room. If you chose area rugs, you could change them out every few months or so to keep it looking fresh. Carpeting your bathroom would give it a different look from most other bathrooms. Of course, you would need to remember that it is a moist environment and choose your materials wisely.