When you make changes to your home, you have the perfect opportunity to remember your pets during the remodel. You can look at the available space, and see how you can make it more pet-friendly. How can you make your space more comfortable for your pet? Consider all of the areas that your pet would be in. Your pet will be walking around on the floor, they will need a place to sleep or just hang out, and you can add fun areas for your pet as well.  


Your pet will be walking around all over the house. When you are putting your flooring down, you can remember this. If you choose to have hardwood floors, then you can choose a scratch resistant kind. Nobody wants to see new flooring put down and have the pet scratch up the floor with its claws/nails. By choosing a pet-friendly material, you can have scratch resistance while allowing some traction for your pet so they won’t slide across the floor as much either.  

Another flooring option would be to have carpeting. The carpeting would be material that would not be snagged by the pet’s claws/nails. Some carpeting has loops at the ends, and this carpeting is not pet-friendly. Then you can choose a stain-resistant carpet or add stain resistance to the carpeting that you put down. Pets have accidents. This is a part of life. By having a stain resistant carpet, you can have less permanent marks on the carpet and keep it looking newer longer.  

Add The Fun 

A consideration when conducting a remodel is to allow for pet play space or personal space. This can be accomplished by adding pet ramps (for pet comfort) or building a cubby into a staircase or wall for the pet to relax and sleep. You can include a designated feeding area that is out of the main walkway where the pet will know that is their space to eat. You can even build it by the dining room so that you can all eat together. Cats can have a climbing area that will allow them to get daily exercise.  

There are many ways to remember your pet when recreating your space. Think of your pet’s daily activities and changes that could be made to allow for more comfort for your pet. Maybe you have an older pet that requires a softer surface to walk/sleep on. They might not get around as well as they used to and could use a ramp or stairs to make things easier. By allowing for the comfort of your pet, you can create a new space that everyone loves.