When you are redoing your space, based upon your available area to remodel and your budgetary constraints, you can add some extras in before you finish. It’s important to check the space and potential cost before you decide to add anything you weren’t originally planning on. You want to make sure that your remodel is somewhere you can relax and enjoy, instead of being stressed about. Here are some remodel additions if you would like to add a little extra to your space.

Magnetic Wall

How fun would it be to have a magnetic wall in your kitchen? You can put up recipes while you are cooking, change them up when you are done, and display your child’s artwork. You can also hang utensils and measuring items on the wall as well. This will make them easier to find when you are baking. You could even have a weekly theme for your wall and change it up regularly. You won’t need to worry about putting extras holes in your wall because you can just use the magnets to change things out. You can also get fun magnets to decorate your space and change those with the theme you decide on.

Double Dishwasher

If you do a lot of entertaining or have a large family, you could consider putting in two dishwashers. This way you can keep up easier with the number of dishes that you need to clean. You can wash glasses in one dishwasher and pots, pans, and plates in another if you want. If you throw large parties, this will cut down on the possibility of running out of something before the party is over. You will need to consider the added electrical and water usage that comes with two dishwashers, but it could be a big time saver in the long run. Consider your current dishwasher use to determine if this is an option to explore.

Sliding Cabinet Doors

Instead of having cabinet doors that open out, you can instead have doors that slide to the side. This will allow for more room in front of the cabinets and less of a chance of running your knee or head into that cabinet door when it’s open. You can also put cabinets in smaller spaces due to how they open. You will need to make sure that there is plenty of room for the doors to open and make sure you are not blocking anything important creating a hazard.