You want to make some upgrades to areas of your home. It is getting close to the holidays and you will be entertaining friends and family this year. What can you do? If it is extremely close to the holidays, you might want to hold off until after. While wanting your friends and family to see your new rooms, this can backfire if the remodel is not completed before the holidays and your friends and family get hurt or break something. Work out the changes and the time frame to see if it is feasible to finish before the guests arrive.

Important Rooms First

Kitchens and bathrooms will be high traffic areas during the holidays. These are the rooms you should complete first. If you have a non-essential room that is still being worked on, you can just section it off and let the family know the big reveal will be another day. Just make sure the area is known to be off limits, and family and friends stay out. Work out the time frame for when the guests will arrive and the completion of the kitchen or bathroom. Make sure there is wiggle room in the time frame for the unexpected. It will not be a fun holiday if the family is unable to use the bathroom due to unforeseen circumstances. Holidays are stressful enough without that.

Materials Out Of The Way

If the remodel will be continuing while people are over, make sure all the building material is away from traffic areas. Additionally, make sure children are kept away as well. This will eliminate accidents that can ruin the festivities. Obviously, hammering will not be happening with guests present so make sure tools are out of the way as well.

Make Sure Everything Is Operational

Before the guests arrive, check to make sure the water is turned back on and properly heated. No one likes to take a cold shower if they don’t have to. Additionally, if the gas/electric was turned off then make sure it is working properly and back on. Also, test out new appliances and learn how to use them. This can save a holiday dinner from being burned or people from getting sick due to improper cold storage.

The holidays should be a time of gathering and fun. Making sure that your home is safe and secure for your guests is the number one priority during a remodel.  Please call us at (440) 884-4600 or email us at [email protected]  today, so we can discuss your remodel plans.