When you are making over your place, you can either just change out certain areas for a minor lift, refresh your appliances, or consider a major overhaul and potentially add, move, or remove rooms in your home. When you are considering making changes, it is important to review your current setup and decide what is working or what is not anymore. One point of interest is your Wi-Fi connection and strength. Did you know there were many things around your home that can affect the strength and signal of your Wi-Fi? Here are a few.


While there isn’t much you can do about who lives around you, if your neighbors are in closer proximity your Wi-Fi signals could affect each other. After checking your current settings, resetting the router, and the other tech support options, consider how close your neighbors are to you to see if that is part of the problem. It could be an easy fix of just moving the routers farther away from each other. Additionally, this can be a point of interest when determining how to furnish your place after a major remodel.

Two Networks

Another issue that comes up is having more than one network in the same house. If you have a separate network for business and one for the rest of the family, they could be causing interference with each other. It is a good idea to check this option after other options have been tested.


With all of the smart appliances in the home, these can be a blessing and an issue. If you have baby monitors going, your children might have walkie talkies, the microwave is running, or someone has their Blue Tooth going, all of these can create havoc on the Wi-Fi strength and signal. As appliances become smarter and better, these issues could be lessened. But it is wise to check these for interference as well.

Building Materials

The building materials that are used can also affect the signal. Concrete structures, timber, metal items (such as heated flooring), and the like also can disrupt the Wi-Fi signal. Sometimes the fix could be as easy as purchasing a booster or merely moving the router to the best location for the whole home.

When you are remodeling your home, it is a good idea to review your Wi-Fi needs and settings in your current set-up and how to best maximize strength and signal in the new décor.