When you make changes to your kitchen,  you can add personal touches or something a little extra to give your kitchen some pop. Some items could be considered basic, but they will help you to be more efficient in the kitchen. These items can be seen all over your kitchen. What types of items could you add? We looked around at design centers and thought about items we would like to see and came up with these ideas. 

Pop Up Electric Outlets 

How nice would it be to be working and be able to power up your electronics when you need them and have the outlets be out of sight when you don’t? Pop up electric outlets are the answer. These can be flush with the table you are using and then when needed you press on the top, and they open up to become full electric outlets. You can find them with the traditional two-prong and three-prong options, along with allowing USB options as well.   

Vertical Storage Space 

One of the problems that people have in the kitchen is the amount of flat cookware that gets stuck under all of the other pots and pans. You want a cookie sheet, but you need to take all of the casserole dishes off to get to it. A fix for this would be to create vertical storage space. You can have cupboard space that you section off with vertical shelving so you can just slip your cookie sheets in where they will remain easily accessible. These vertical shelves can also be used for pizza pans, cutting boards, shallow baking dishes and cooking racks as well.  

Shallow Cabinets 

Another problem people have is trying to find spices that have made their way to the back of the pantry. A fix for this would be to create a shallow cabinet space. This could be placed near the stove or the refrigerator to make cooking easier.  Spices and frequently used baking items can be kept in the cupboard, and you will never lose your spices again.  

Under Sink Drawers 

One of the places where most people do not think you can have extra storage is under the sink. We’re not talking about using the cabinet area where you see the pipes, but instead installing drawers under the sink. This way you could have your detergent and cleaning supplies organized and easy to reach. Your items can be separated so that you do not spill detergent on your garbage bags either. You can choose the number of drawers you wish to use as well as whether you want full pull out drawers or have a shallow space to hold small items.