One of the great things about a remodel is that you can imagine the same space in a whole new way. Maybe you would like to refresh the paint, put in new furniture, or maybe you would like to add some pieces that will really make your place stand out. With a remodel there really isn’t too much standing in your way. You could opt to change the layout of the room, or rearrange your rooms entirely. What are some ways that you can really make your bathroom stand out? 

Open Shower Design 

Instead of having the traditional bathtub with shower, or spending time choosing the door or curtain you would like for your shower, consider an open shower design. This type of shower can have the traditional nozzles and shower spray, or you can add multiple sprays, but the difference is that there is no shower curtain or door. The shower area is an open design that you can step into and out of without an enclosure. For this choice, you would consider placement and how you want the shower to face in the bathroom, along with the splash potential for your placement.  

Color Changing Tile 

Do you remember the mood rings from in the past? Well, shower tiles have taken on the concept, and there are tiles that will change colors depending upon the temperature of the tile. As with mood rings, the tiles will return to their original color once cooled, but how fun to see the colors change as you wash.  How fun also to share this with friends and family that stay at your house! 

Circular Shower Design 

Another interesting concept for the shower is to have a circular shower design. For this option, there is no wall that the shower is against. There is just the potential for a glass-enclosed circular shower, or you could enclose one with a shower curtain. The main idea of this is to have a shower that is set off from everything in the bathroom.  

LED Lights 

LED lights that come on and change color when you shower can add a whimsical touch to the morning routine. You can have the lights remain in a steady state or have them change colors at various intervals of the time in the shower. Depending upon the shower, you could change the lights to match the season or special event. If you add this to the color changing tiles, you might never get off to work!