When you are planning a remodel project, there are many pieces that need to be put into place. Depending on the size of the remodel, plans need to be drawn up, supplies purchased, contractors hired, etc. Like all things in life, there is a possibility for things to go wrong. Some things are out of your hands, but others can be avoided. Check out some mistakes that can be avoided during a remodel.

Incorrect Measuring

Guessing what you need is never a good idea when it comes to a remodel. Neither is measuring quickly or not double or even triple-checking your numbers. Measurements even fraction of inches off can ruin your plans, cause increased costs, and delays. So, make sure measurements are done correctly. Also, make sure the numbers are written down correctly. It is easy to transpose numbers.

Not Enough Flooring

Another mistake that can be made during a remodel is not having extra flooring on hand for when pieces get cut wrong or break. The general rule is to have 20 percent more flooring than you need to cover any extra pieces that might be required.

Selecting Appliances Last

When you are changing your appliances out, it is a good rule to choose them early. You do not need to buy them and have them installed early, but you should at least have them picked out and placed on hold. They will help determine the overall look and aesthetics and allow you to know what other materials will be needed for the remaining space.

Buying Materials Too Early

Another thing you can do too early is to buy materials. If you buy materials too early, before the plans are finalized, you might realize that what you purchased will not work for your available space. You should consider the time of year when you are purchasing your materials as well. There are different times during the year when materials can be discounted. A word of caution here is that you need to know why the material has been discounted. You want to consider the true cost of the material you purchase at a discount because it could be being discontinued.

Forgetting Traffic Patterns

When you rearrange your room, you want to make sure that the new space will have a good traffic flow. You might think in your head that your plans will work, but once the changes are made, you will see that it is awkward to move around in. One thing can do is to sketch out your current traffic pattern and place the new one over it. This way you can see the changes that will be made to your normal flow.