When you are in the initial process of remodeling or making over your space, you can do some preliminary assessments to give you an idea of what direction you would like to go in. This process can include looking through magazines, checking out websites, and visiting design centers to look at your available options. Additionally, you can ask some remodel questions regarding your current space. Here are some ideas.

What’s not working?

Take a look around your current space, in the area you want to update, and consider what is not working within the space. Do you find that you are feeling cramped? Do you think there are too many items? Is your space too eclectic, where nothing really goes with anything else? When you have the opportunity to update your space, you want to create a warm, welcoming area where you can work or relax.

What is in the way?

Another thing to keep an eye out for is to check to see if there is anything in your way with your current setting. Do you find yourself tripping over things? Are you constantly bumping into things? When you makeover your space, you can take into account your previous issues to adjust your layout to eliminate the problems.

What is not used?

Do you find that there are things in your space that you don’t seem to use? Do you have a chair that no one sits in? Do you have a décor piece that you thought would be utilized frequently, but find that it’s not used at all? When you are sitting in your space, look around the area and see if there are things that fit this description. If no one is using it, or you are not getting enjoyment from it, then it can be removed.

What does not fit your current style?

Sometimes you will look around and realize that your décor does not fit your current style. Maybe you have had the same layout in your room for many years, and when you look around, it shows. Or, you have pieces of furniture that show wear and tear or wear marks in your carpeting. It’s easy to review your space and determine if your décor needs an upgrade. Then you can determine a timeline and a budget to make the changes that you are interested in.

After you have answered the above remodel questions, you can make an informed choice regarding updating your look.