Planning a remodel/renovation can make your head spin. With all of the decisions that need to be made, budgetary concerns that need to be addressed, material that needs to be purchased, and all of the terms that will be used, you can feel like you aren’t sure whether you are coming or going. Here are some terms to give you a better understanding of the remodel/renovation process. These definitions are not an exhaustive list, but a list to get you started in understanding the terms that can be used.

General Contractor – This person is the main go-to for the renovations/remodel done to the property. All information will be passed on to them or go through them. They will be the main contact.

Subcontractor – These individuals are hired by the general contractor to perform specific portions of the renovation/remodel. For example, a general contractor can hire subcontractors that are plumbers to work specifically on the piping and plumbing related to the changes desired. They can make the changes and ensure that no damage is created to the existing structure in the process.

Scope of Work – This is an agreement that is written up that explains the specifics of the work to be performed. This written agreement can contain the timeline of the entire project, specific milestones that will be reached, and duties of the contractor and subcontractors.

Journeyman – A worker who has studied under a more experienced individual to learn a trade craft.

Bid – The work that will be done and the price that is set for the work to be completed. In a competitive bid process, several contractors will offer their work and prices.

Change Order – This is a list of items that are different from the original scope of work. These changes can include additions or deletions from the original list of items to be complete.

Punch List – A list of items that need to be finished before a project is considered complete.

Cost-Plus Contract – This contract is written to cover the expenses for the remodel/renovation to the home – labor, materials, and other costs required to finish the work. Additionally, the contract will cover overhead and profit for the contractor as well.

Demolition – The process by which the home area to be changed is torn down, knocked down, or leveled. This type of change can happen with a total remodel where the room will be completely redone. The old material will need to be removed to make room for the new changes.