When you are looking to make changes to your home, the process can be daunting. There are many decisions that you need to make, but one of the first ones is deciding whether you would like to remodel or renovate. While some could say that both terms are interchangeable, they are actually different. When you are speaking with home centers, design experts, and your significant other, it is important to make sure you are all discussing the same changes you would like to make. While both mean you are making improvements to your existing house, it is the way that changes are made that make the difference.


When people renovate a place, they are restoring it and rehabbing it to make it look better. There can be older wallpaper, flooring that is damaged, steps that are creaking, wood that is rotting, etc. The renovation takes the existing space and freshens it up. The general layout of the appliances and fixtures remains the same, but there can be a “facelift” given to them. You can change out the appliances for the latest ones on the market, redo the counter space to change the material used, or change the color scheme. The changes can be subtle or dramatic.


A remodel occurs when there is a change to the layout or function of the room. As an example, you can decide to move the shower to another area of the bathroom. You can open up the space in the house by removing some of the walls. Instead of merely updating the appliances, you can change the traffic patterns in the kitchen. Additionally, an old closet can become a new bedroom, you can change the basement to a man cave, or you can convert the attic to a new play center.

Be Specific

When you are discussing the changes, you would like to make, it is important to be specific. Do not just say you want the kitchen to look “better“, but state that you would like new appliances, a better layout of the room, or new flooring. Do not assume that everyone just understands the changes you would like to make. Speak up. Say exactly what you want. When changes are discussed, ask for clarification if you do not understand. This will go a long way when you are determining the budget required and the feasibility to make the changes that you wish to make.