People love space. They love the freedom to move around without a lot of clutter and walls. Open design areas can make smaller rooms look larger because the eyes will see from one wall to the other without the line of sight being broken. While this is good, the open area can also look too big at the same time. There are various tips and trick that can be employed to section off various areas of the room to give the look of different spaces within the larger open area. Here are some tips.

Color Scheme

When you have an area that you want to set off without putting up a wall you can use color to do this. As an example, if you have a living space, you can have furniture and accessories that are various shades of blue. The eye will be drawn to the color, and the coloring will set this area off from the rest of the room. You can use all one color; incorporate a pattern into the room, or a shade of colors, ex. pastels, to draw the eye to the section you want to set off.


Another way to set off an area, especially in a large room with hardwood floors is to employ the use of rugs. Each rug can represent a different section in the room. You can use different types of rugs, different sizes, or different colors. The choice is up to you; you can also incorporate several different tips from this article keeping in mind you want the room to look sectioned off and not cluttered or too busy.


You can set sections off for different areas by placing the furniture in each section at a different angle. The eyes will naturally see the different sections and your living area will be large with smaller sections in it. This way you can have small “rooms” within the larger room.

Furniture “Walls”

You can use couches or shelving within an area to create a mini “wall” to set off the section. People do this in conversation rooms where the furniture is placed around a table so that everyone can see and talk to each other. In this type of room, the furniture would take the place of the walls, which allows for the larger space to be seen and allows for smaller sections within the room to be set off from each other.