Paint companies, every year, look through their colors and review what’s trending to determine what they believe will be a color to represent the year ahead. The overarching theme for 2022 seems to be cool, calm colors that evoke a nature vibe. Sherwin Williams’ color for 2022 is Evergreen Fog. Evergreen Fog can be described as a grey-green hue with a hint of blue.

After the last few years, it is easy to see why companies have gone with tranquil hues. With all the craziness in the world, people are looking to come home to an oasis of peace. The Colors of the Year for the various companies all have this underlying theme.

There are many colors that can coordinate with Evergreen Fog, such as browns, black, and greys. These colors can be major statements for your home by covering walls – entire rooms or accent walls – or they can be used in a smaller fashion with décor pieces. They can be used in one room or used around your entire home.

This diversity can mean that numerous people who use this color can all have completely different looks for their home. A person could look through design books or use computer programs to help them decide how they would like to use this color, in what amount and what rooms. Another option is to pick up some paint samples and hang them around different areas in your home. Doing this, you can also try different color combinations as well. You can see how these colors coordinate with the rest of your home. Then you can decide if just a room gets a makeover, or if you would prefer to change up the look of your entire space.

You can determine if appliances or hardware are available in this color, or you can look for pillows, paintings, statues, vases, etc. Your décor options are seemingly endless, for how you would like your look to come together. Another option you have is to create seasonal looks, so you can have a different look a few times per year. This can be an entirely new look, or you can just move your décor pieces around from room to room, to brighten/freshen up your space. This way you can enjoy a change to your rooms without making big changes to your budget. This would be easy to accomplish if you look through your rooms and see what areas need a refresh as the seasons change.