Do you have a remodeling project you want to tackle? If so, do you have a large intricate project or something small? You may be wondering if you have a large project if it would be better to tackle it all at once or remodel in stages. In this post we will discuss important points to consider if you choose to complete your large remodel project all at once, or if you choose to break it up into smaller changes over time.


If you choose to start and finish your project all at once, you will find a significant amount of money being spent all at one time. If you were to choose to break your project up over time, there would be less of an initial outlay of cash. The reality of this though is that while you might have less money being spent in the beginning, you might find that your overall costs are higher than if you would have just completed the project all at once. Having a solid remodel price projection for your project (along with a cushion for overages) can help to keep you from running out of money on your project.


When you choose to finish a large project all at once, you will have all the materials that you need at the same time. A potential issue for completing projects in stages is if you under buy your materials and realize what you need to finish your project is no longer available. If they do have the material you need, you will need to make sure that the material you are picking up is as close as possible to the way the previous material you purchased looks. Sometimes between batches, there can be various nuanced differences found. Maybe the pattern is slightly different, or the color is a little off from the previous batch.


When you work on a project all at once, you will develop a flow to how things need to progress to make sure everything gets done on time, and you aren’t working over areas that have been newly remodeled. When you remodel in stages, you might need to undo some of the work that was previously done. Sometimes this can be avoided, but sometimes it cannot.


One last point to consider is that when a large project is being completed all at once, it can be overwhelming. The noise, materials, and general disruption to your life can be greater than what you are willing to face. If you complete your remodel in stages, it can be broken down into manageable chunks, with less overall noise and less disruption. You may still be able to use most or all of the areas of your home (instead of the potential need to stay elsewhere during a large construction project).

The big takeaway is whether the disruption of getting it done all at once to enjoy your new look sooner is greater than the feeling of needing to do a little at a time and enjoying it along the way.