One decision that you will make when remodeling a bathroom is deciding if you will have a shower or tub installed. For some, the answer is obvious. They have definite preferences, and they stick with what they like. Others are open to something different or have family members that require a change. Here are some ideas to consider when thinking about a shower or tub.


Tubs are preferred for parents with small children. Children can take a bath before bed. The children get to soak in warm water, which is relaxing, and they don’t need to be standing which can wake them up more than get them ready for bed. You can’t soak in the shower, so those with sore muscles would prefer a tub. While this is good, if you plan on soaking, the tub takes a minute or two to fill, whereas a shower you can hop in wash and get out. A shower could end up taking up less room in the bathroom as well.


For the shower, you have a few options. You could have a completely open bathroom where there is no true demarcation where the shower is located. This can be good if you are looking for a handicapped friendly shower. You can allow for some privacy by having a shower curtain that runs along the shower area. You just wouldn’t have a lip on the floor where the shower begins. You can have a semi-open shower that is obscured by a wall but does not have a door. The wall also does not have to go all the way up to the ceiling, just high enough for privacy. You can also have a completely separate area that the shower is located in.


Another option would be to either have the shower/tub combo or have a shower and separate tub in the room. With the shower/tub combo, you have a showerhead that flows into the tub. Then you can stand up to take a shower or in the same area, you can sit in the tub to soak. You can have the shower and tub be completely separate, too. They can either be near each other (touching) in the bathroom or if you prefer, you have them on opposite sides of the room or have some space between them. The difficulties here are where the pipes for the plumbing are located or can be moved to. The placement could be determined by available space, plumbing capabilities, and potential cost for replumbing.