Do you find yourself wishing that you could leave everything in your shower that you need, instead of having to take it out and put it back when you are done? One of the benefits of renovating your shower is that you can fix issues that you found with your previous set up. Are you looking for more storage space in your shower? You have many options for adding shelving. Some just require adding something to the shower, others require changing the structure. Here are some choices for shower shelves.


A quick fix is just to add shelving to the shower area. Make sure your material works with a wet environment and you won’t be constantly running into it while you are washing. It will need to be sturdy enough to hold your heaviest items as well. You can see if you can get the shelf to match the shower material or you can choose a complimentary material that works as well.

Recessed Area

Another way to have more storage is to create a recessed area within the shower walls. The size of the space will be determined by your ability to recess some of your wall. You can choose a complimentary pattern for the recessed area to make it stand out more, or you can choose to use the same material to make it look more uniform. You will want to consider what you want to put on the shelf, and how much height/space you can actually create if you have any constraints with the area behind the wall.

Build Out

If you cannot recess your wall, consider building it out instead. You can choose the height that will work best for you and create a false wall. How much you can do will depend on how much space you have for your shower area, and how much space the wall will ultimately end up taking. The materials can be the same to create a seamless look to your shower area.

If your shower is large enough, you might consider trying a few of these options for shower shelves. Anything you end up building, you will want to make sure that it has good drainage. You don’t want to end up building something that will just have standing water on it. You can try to create various methods of draining, possibly adding small drain holes, or tilting the shelving enough so that water naturally drains off instead of pooling.