Sometimes life gets so busy that it doesn’t seem like you have a minute to yourself. You spend your time busy and worrying about everyone else that you don’t take notice of your surroundings. Time passes and more time passes, and you don’t realize your home could use an update until you finally get a minute to look around. Here are some signs you need a bathroom remodel.


Having less space is something that creeps up on you. Your kids are small, the home looks big. Your kids begin to grow and there is an accumulation of stuff and the next thing you know you are stepping over each other and your things. Maybe you find that you need more storage space, an extra bathroom, or to rearrange your appliances for a better workflow in the kitchen. A way that you can catch this sooner is to look around your space now and see how cramped everything feels. Pay attention to the traffic patterns and see if there is unnecessary congestion in any of the rooms.


Another one of the signs you need a bathroom remodel is if you notice water stains, broken pipes, or rotted wood. Anything that can be seen as a hazard for your home. Sometimes what you see is an indication that there is more damage that you can’t see. Mold could be something that is hidden within the walls if you don’t have proper ventilation or have leaking pipes. It is always good to do a home inspection on a regular basis so you can notice changes to the foundation or any water damage that might be beginning.


One thing you might not notice at first is that your home could use brighter lighting so that you can see better. The lighting might work for the daytime, but you’ll notice that as it gets darker, it might be harder for you to see, or there might be areas of the home that don’t get light and could become hazardous. If you notice that you are straining to see yourself in the bathroom mirror, or second guess your steps as you are moving through the kitchen, it might be time to upgrade your lighting. If you don’t get brighter lighting, you might be able to remedy the lighting situation with more lighting. You can add extra lighting in the hallways or on the stairs to help you see better.