Your ideas for décor should not be limited by the size of your bathroom. There are many tips and tricks that you can use to create the look you desire without making your bathroom feel cramped. Even in a small bathroom, you can have storage, a medicine cabinet, decorative pieces, and more. You just need to know what options you have and what space saving items you can use to make maximum use of the area.  

One of the first things you could consider is to use a pedestal sink. A pedestal sink allows you to perform all of the washing functions but takes up less space on the floor. This will make the room look larger and offer more floor space for something else if you like. If you want to create an area that has even more space, consider a floating basin. It is basically the pedestal sink without the pedestal part. This would then be connected to the wall and could be placed at any height you desire.  

Another way of creating more space in the bathroom is by utilizing the area right outside the bathroom. You could place shelving on the walls or against the walls to hold towels, cleaning products, or whatever you want. The idea is to extend the bathroom slightly beyond the doorway. This allows for space saving within the bathroom area.  

While most people look up when thinking of shelving, you can also look down. If you have the pedestal sink or the floating basin in your bathroom, consider putting shelving on the wall under it. This still allows for the floor area to be open, and the ability to store items you will need. You could consider grouping stored things together (i.e., your morning routine below the sink and your evening routine above). 

Storage could also be hanging from the ceiling. In this instance, the height of the occupants is important because you would not want people hitting their heads or knocking your things to the ground. You would need to make sure that the storage apparatus will not ruin the ceiling tiles or materials while using it. It could be hung out of the walking path but not against a wall.  

You want to make sure whatever you use in the bathroom is considered good material for a wet/steamy environment. It important that the materials will not blister, warp, or crack from the moisture it will be in.