In a previous post, we searched over the Internet to determine what was hot in kitchen styles now. We want to offer some other sought after items that we found. You can use these items to make changes to your kitchen or as inspiration to come up with other ideas regarding how you can see your kitchen looking in the future.  

Kitchen Colors 

In the past, stainless steel was very popular. You could have a stainless steel refrigerator, oven, microwave and even part of your counter could be done in stainless steel. What is emerging now, as the colors of choice, are black or slate. This can be seen in appliances, cabinetry, accents, and more. Stainless appliances can show smudges and finger marks easily. The trend towards black or slate could be that these colors do not show dirt/smudges as quickly. Gray/Slate Gray is seen as a popular color in bathrooms as well. It provides a neutral tone to the room and can be used as a good base color because it goes well with anything.  

Hidden Appliances 

Other sought after kitchen styles is the concept of the concealed appliance. These are appliances that can look like cabinetry or possibly a drawer in your kitchen. Only when the appliance is pulled out can you see what it truly is. These are popular because they give a cleaner look to the kitchen and there is less of a possibility of dust and dirt falling on them. One of the appliances that can be seen this way is the dishwasher. The cover of the dishwasher can be made to look like a cabinet door, like the kind under the kitchen sink.  

New Functionality 

When you consider opening a drawer in your kitchen, you will most likely pull it forward. You can either slip your hand under the notch below or on the side of the drawer, or you can pull on the handle of the drawer. One of the trends seen for drawers is the self-opening/closing drawer. These can be opened by lightly pushing on the drawer. These drawers can either be electric or run on a glider. The electric and glider drawers slow the opening and closing of the drawer which can save you from pinched fingers in the future. Another positive is if the drawer is set to close after a period of time being open. Then you would have to worry about running into an open drawer when your hands are full.