An important aspect of your bathroom remodel is what you will use to cover your floor. You have many options. You can keep the current material that you have on your floor and just refresh it, or you can move to a new material. One option for your floor is to put down stone. Here are some pros and cons of having stone floor installed in your bathroom.

Resale Value

Since stone is considered a great upgrade, installing stone flooring in your bathroom will improve the appeal of your home, which will in turn increase the resale value.  Stone is considered a highly durable material that can withstand the daily use from family life well. Prospective home buyers will consider this when analyzing your home.


Your choice for the stone flooring material can become a conversation piece for your home. There are many different options that you have when choosing stone for your flooring. You can have a solid color stone or choose a marbled look for your room. When considering the design choice for the floor, you will want to put that idea against the rest of the décor options for the room to make sure they are complementary.

Water Area

With the advent of sealers for the stone, you can put stone on the bathroom floor without worrying about water damage to the floor. One area to keep an eye out for is whether the floor will become slippery if there is standing water on it, like when you first step out of the shower or if your little one splash while bathing in the tub.


While stone will not necessarily be a problem in the summer months, it can be a bit of a surprise in the colder months when stepping onto it first thing in the morning. Of course, this can be mitigated by the use of rugs and other floor covering, so that you are not directly touching the stone.


The use of stone for the flooring could be something you find to be cost prohibitive when balanced against your remodel budget. You will need to consider the stone you are choosing to use, the amount of stone that is necessary to cover the floor, and if there are any less expensive options available for you to still use stone or a material similar to stone for the project. Other considerations will be how long the other material will last and if it will be better, in the long run, to just use stone for the floor to begin with.