When you look around your space, how happy are you with it? Are you considering doing a remodel or makeover? Do you need more room for a bigger family? Are you looking to create an at-home workspace? Do you have other needs? Here are some style and design ideas that you should review.


Do you have a room that is just all one color? Some people get stuck in beige. After looking around, you realize that all of the major furniture items are all monochrome. It gets worse if you have the walls and décor items the same color as well. Varying colors will give the room character. Now, you can actually go too far the other way as well. You can have too many different colors in the same room. This can make the room feel busy and the opposite of relaxing. Take some time to review your space and take note of the color scheme and color variety.


Another issue you can have is to just have too many things in your space. You could have too many pieces of furniture, too much décor, or a mix of too much of both. You want your space to feel homey and relaxed, not busy and tense. A good way to look at your current room is to pretend you are a visitor coming into the space. How do you feel? Do you feel closed in or relaxed? Do you have adequate room to move around your space, or do you find yourself continually running into or tripping over things?


As with everything being one color, another issue is everything being the same texture. Mixing up the textures can give the room depth. You want to make sure you choose a few textures without going overboard with this. Again, your room will appear too busy if you have too many different textures. What would be a good rule of thumb is to go with three to five colors and a few textures and see how they all work together.


One thing that can help you decide how to arrange your space, including furniture, colors, textures, and décor, is to use a computer program to set up a mock room to get a feel for the finished product. You can also set up a sketch/mock-up so that you can rearrange the pieces you want to use in your look. You can use some of these design ideas to review your current space and plan out your new look.