unique bathroom

Ways To Have A Unique Bathroom

When you are determining how to set up your newly remodeled bathroom, you can make some simple choices to make it unique. Of course, you can choose statement pieces for your fixtures, or you can choose to make more subtle changes that can still make your space stand out. Here are some choices for you…

bathroom vanity options

Bathroom Vanity Options

Choosing your bathroom accessories and fixtures can be a fun experience. When conducting a remodel, you can choose to upgrade your current look or create a completely new look. One area for your bathroom decisions will be if you want to have a vanity and how you would like the vanity to look. As with…

bathroom trends

Bathroom Trends for 2020

The new year is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about trends for the next year.  One room where trends can be seen is the bathroom. Bathrooms have evolved from merely functional rooms to becoming a spa-like oasis. Each year, a new color is chosen to take center stage as the “it”…

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