bathroom sink

The Bathroom Sink Part I

There are many factors that go into how to choose the best bathroom sink for your space. You can consider your décor ideas for the room, the space you have available, and your budgetary constraints. Additionally, how busy is the bathroom during the day? Is your bathroom a functional everyday bathroom, or are you looking…

the guest bathroom

The Guest Bathroom

Has it been a while since you’ve had people over? Now is a great time to review your guest bathroom. It’s different when you use it then when you have guests over, right? Let’s take a look at some areas of the guest bathroom and see if it needs a freshen up. Here are some…

Guest Bathroom remodelling ohio litts plumbing

Guest Bathroom Basics

Having guests in your home is a wonderful treat. When family/friends come in from out of town, it is nice to be able to offer them their own space within your home. One thing to think about when planning a remodel is how to set up the guest bathroom. The bathroom would be set up…

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