tip-out tray

Should You Install Tip-Out Trays?

Tip-out trays are typically located under the counter near the sink area. These storage areas are aptly named because they do not open by pulling them all the way out like drawers, but instead by tipping them out. This exposes the metal or plastic storage tray that is attached to the handled portion. Trays like…

Pull Out Shelving

Pull Out Shelving

One of the biggest challenges that you have when remodeling your space is ensuring that you have enough storage. It is hard if you are paring down to understand where all the space can be found. If you are joining rooms or making your space bigger the task becomes easier. Another area of concern is…

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Types

Kitchen cabinets have many uses in your home. You can store pots and pans in them, food items, dish towels, appliances and more. When you choose to upgrade your cabinets, you can choose the hardware that goes on the outside, the material the cabinets are made of, and you can choose the color. Another option…

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