u-shaped kitchen

The U-Shaped Kitchen

There are many choices you have when it comes to a kitchen remodel. One factor in deciding how to set up your new kitchen is the traffic pattern. If you do a lot of entertaining or if you have children, can affect how best to have your kitchen laid out. One design idea for the…

dedicated circuits

Dedicated Circuits

Do you have appliances in your home that need to be run separately? If you have the microwave going, do you need to make sure no one uses the toaster? Do you hear that distinct popping sound if the blender is running while something else is being used in the kitchen at the same time?…

Counter Depth Refrigerator

Counter Depth Refrigerator

A kitchen remodel is a time to reconsider everything that was in the kitchen before. You can either upgrade all of your appliances to a better version of the same thing or go in a completely different direction and remake your kitchen. One of the appliances to consider is the refrigerator. While there are choices…

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