showerhead flow

Is Showerhead Flow Off?

The shower for some people is their sanctuary. It is where they go to de-stress from the day. Others use the shower as their way to wake up in the morning and get their day going. Either way, when the showerhead flow is not performing properly, the feeling one gets when in the shower is…

walk-in shower considerations

Walk-In Shower Considerations

So, you’ve decided to change the look of your current bathroom. Have you determined how you want your tub/shower area to look? Are you considering a shower/tub combo, or are you thinking about having separate tub and shower areas? Another consideration would be to forgo the tub and just have a shower. If you are…


Choosing a Showerhead

Remodeling your bathroom involves planning whether you will update your fixtures, maybe update your tub or change out your sink. You can repaint the walls, add some shelving, or convert your tub to a walk-in shower area. One of the finishing touches to your bathroom remodel is to choose your perfect showerhead. While a showerhead…

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