The lighting in your home can be one of the most important elements for not only functionality but also to show off your décor style. The lighting can set the mood, light your way, or make a bold statement. The choice is yours. Some options you have for lighting are to use ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Here are some options for you to consider regarding each type of lighting.


Accent lighting can work best for you if you have items in your home that you would like to highlight. Some of these items can be various décor pieces, paintings, sculptures, or if you have a favorite spot in the house you want everyone to notice. Some types of accent lights are sconces, lamps–either on the table or the floor, or track lighting, to name a few. You want lighting that will shine bright in a smaller area to show off where you point it.


When you are working on your computer or cooking in the kitchen, you can choose task lighting to help you perform your work easier. This type of lighting, similar to accent lighting, is brighter and focused on specific areas where you can use directed light. A good place to use task lighting could be in a reading nook or a craft area. This will help you see the page and make it easier to finish your crafts. Some types of task lighting are lights installed under the cabinets, ceiling spotlights, and desk lamps.


Ambient lighting offers a different illumination type for your room. Instead of focused lighting on specific areas of the home or a room, ambient lighting offers whole room lighting that is uniform throughout the space. This lighting can either be brighter or can be dimmable to offer soft lighting for the evening hours. One of the ways that this type of lighting fills the space is if the lighting is reflected off items in the room, or if the lighting is directed upward and bounces off the ceiling.


Lighting is constantly evolving, so you can install lighting that offers more than one, if not all, types of lighting above, depending upon the setting you choose. You can have a floor lamp that has a section that spreads light across the ceiling and with a flick of a switch changes the lighting to reflect a downward trajectory of light. With these options, you can choose the perfect lighting that fits your space and needs.