One of the things that has become more prevalent in recent years is the touchless faucet. This type of faucet uses a sensor to turn on when your hand or other body part is recognized by the faucet. As long as there is recognition from the sensor, the water stays flowing. When you are finished washing your hands or remove your hands from the area where the sensor is, the water will shut off until you return by the sensor. There are many benefits to this type of faucet besides elevating the look of your bathroom to a more modern finish. We will discuss some here.


One of the easiest benefits to recognize is the hygienic nature of the faucet. You could have the dirtiest hands and not need to even get dirt on any area of the outside of the sink because just swiping your hand or arm near the sensor will turn on the water. This is great for adults and children alike. There’s no more spread of germs on the faucets as dirty or germ-filled hands come to the sink to be washed.

Ease of Use

This is a great benefit for children. Sometimes their little hands just can’t seem to work the faucets correctly. They either can’t turn the water on or turn it on full blast for a quick wash. By regulating the flow of the water, along with the temperature, the kids can wash their hands with a reasonable amount of water flow and the perfect temperature without getting burned. They just need to learn where to put their hands to get the water flow started, and then what to do if the water should stop before they are finished washing.

Time Factor

When you have dirty hands from any type of project, it is great to be able to get to the sink and immediately wash your hands without having to touch many things by the sink. This creates a quicker wash and an easier time for any clean up later. With a normal wash, your hands could drop dirt around the faucet area of the sink as you are turning it on, and then drop water on top of that as you are shutting the faucets off before you dry your hands. With a sensor faucet, the water will come on and go off without any assistance from you, keeping the sink area cleaner and allowing you to remove the dirt faster.

Saves Water

Since your water will turn on and shut off based on sensors, you will end up using less water in the long term. You can wet your hand before you start lathering, then move your hands from the sensor area while you are lathering to shut the water off, and then return your hands to the sensor area to use water to rinse. This is also a benefit for children who do not fully understand that when they turn the water on, it just keeps flowing, even if they leave the room.

There are many benefits to using a touchless faucet. From the ease of use to the increased hygienic nature of the sink, a touchless faucet can be a great investment to any area in your home that uses a sink.