Has it been a while since you’ve had people over? Now is a great time to review your guest bathroom. It’s different when you use it then when you have guests over, right? Let’s take a look at some areas of the guest bathroom and see if it needs a freshen up. Here are some areas to look at.


Now is a good time to look around your bathroom and see if anything is broken. Is there a light cover you haven’t been paying attention to that now you notice is cracked? You will want to fix this before you have people over to ensure everyone’s safety. Check the working order of the commode, the drainage and sealant around the bathtub, and sink as well. You can look for and stop any leaks that might have started before they do any damage.


Another area to review is the lighting. After you have checked the light covers, notice how much lighting the bathroom has. Does it seem a little dim? You might need to find ways to add more lighting, whether natural or some other form. Maybe you will need to install more fixtures, replace the old fixtures, or choose a brighter bulb. You could potentially add or expand your window(s) as well. Another option for the lighting is to make sure the wiring is still good. You can review if the lights just come on, or if they flicker before coming on, or if there is a pause or a noise that is heard when the lights are turned on. This will need to be fixed to ensure there is no fire hazard present.


If you look at the walls and decorations that are in the bathroom, are they still reflecting the design idea that you had in mind when you first put them in there? Do you have an outdated shower curtain or tattered towels? Are you interested in choosing a different look for your space? Now is a great time to make the changes. Even a simple refresh of the linens that are on display can brighten a place up. You can check your bath mats for excessive wear. Also, check your towel bars and toilet paper holder to see if anything has come loose.


While you are looking around the bathroom, check the door handles, the cabinet handles, and any other hardware to see if it is loose, broken, or needs to be freshened up. You certainly wouldn’t want a guest to be stuck in the bathroom if the door handle comes off.

After you have finished reviewing and updating the guest bathroom, you can welcome visitors once again.