Breakfast is touted as the most important meal of the day. There are days that you want a big breakfast, like Sunday morning, and other times when you are running out the door and grabbing a quick bite before you hit the road. Sitting at the dining room table for breakfast might not be what you are looking for. Maybe you want to have a space where you can have a quick casual meal or sit and get some work done. What kind of space would be good for this? A breakfast nook would be ideal. 

What Is It? 

A breakfast nook is a smaller area set off from the kitchen or in an area that is close to where parents can watch their children. You could have a table, less formal than dining table, and a choice of seating. The area could be closed off by a few walls, or in an open area by a window. The options are up to you; you just need to decide where you will put it, and how much space you have available.  


Traditionally, people think of an eating area with a table and chairs. Depending on the space, you can have 2 or more chairs around the table. You do not have to just consider this option though. If part of the seating is a bench, you can fit more people on it. You can have a bench that is built into the wall or have a bench that is free standing. Another idea would be to have a loveseat option. The choice of seating is up to your personal preference. You can open your thinking to consider other options besides the traditional table and chairs.  


Do you want an area just for eating? Would you consider this a place for the kids to get their homework done after school? Possibly have an area where people gather to socialize? These choices will affect the area that you choose and the options that you can consider for setting it up. If you want to have an area where the kids can get their homework done, you could choose to have the room off the kitchen, or you might consider having the room off of the living room. This way the children can be watched while they are working.   

The choices are open. You just need to determine the functionality of the space along with the location and room available.