One of the places that you could spend a large amount of time is at the kitchen sink. You could be rinsing the vegetables from the store, cleaning a pot after spaghetti night is over, or draining the water from the noodles that you made. Since it has the potential to be a high traffic area, it is important that you consider how to make the space work best for you. One of the considerations is the faucet choice for the sink. What options do you have regarding the kitchen faucet? Check out some choices here.  

Faucet Height 

It is important to consider what you will be doing with the sink when determining the height of the kitchen faucet. There are times where you might use a big tall pot. It will be hard to fill the pot if you don’t have a faucet high enough to pass the top of the pot. Then you would need to fill something else and pour it into the pot until it is full enough. If you don’t have to fill a tall pot very often, or don’t believe that you will need a high faucet, then you’ll still need to consider other options. 


How do you see yourself using the water? Would you like a stream and spray option? Are you looking to have a faucet you can pull out to use with more precision in your sink? This could be an alternative solution to the raised faucet example above. This way you have an option for the occasional large pot. You can also choose how large of a stream/spray you want.  


Along with your other decisions you will need to determine if you are interested in one handle or more. You can choose to have a paddle handle where you lean the handle to one side or the other to get the different temperatures of water. You could also choose to have two separate handles with one for hot and one for cold. Part of this determination will be what you have currently, and if you are interested in changing up your current faucet set-up.  

Your handles can be the twist variety, where you turn the handles to turn on the water. You can have two separate paddle handles where you lift to start the water. You can have paddles that turn to start the water. The choice is yours. You just need to think about how you will use the sink and how your choice fits in with the rest of the décor.