When you imagine your new kitchen sink, you have many things to think about. You decide the faucets that you will use, any extras that you want to add to the sink, and the materials that you would like the sink made out of. Another option you have for your sink is to decide how big you want it, if you want to add an extra sink, and where you would like your sink(s) located. 

Basin Type 

You can choose what the sink basin will look like. You have the option of having a single basin with a large area, or you can choose to have two basins next to each other. The basins can be the same size or one can be larger than the other. Another option is to have three or more basins. In this instance, one of the basins can be prep size. Having the prep size sink in the middle can be advantageous if you are cutting up vegetables and need to put the scraps in the disposal. You can simply pick them up and drop them to one side or the other without getting the countertops dirty.  

Prep Sink 

You can choose to add an extra sink to your kitchen. One area that an extra sink could be placed is in a kitchen island. Again, this sink could have more than one basin. It depends on how much use it would get and what the purpose would be. If you add another sink where there was no sink previously, you will need to check with the plumbing so see if it can be done. Also, you will need to check to make sure it is within your budget.  

Sink Location 

When people remodel, they have the opportunity to look at putting their kitchen sink somewhere else within the kitchen, researching adding more sinks to the room, and also reducing the number of sinks that are in the room. All of these choices will require a review of the plumbing with regards to what can and cannot be moved, added or taken out. It’s best to begin these type of changes with sketching and computer generation so that you can know before you start whether the changes you want to make are practical in the space that you have available. You certainly do not want to take something vital out of the kitchen to make room for a sink that you realize will not even fit in the space that you chose.